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Resistance Wires

Resistance Wires (electricity flows through them easily) special type of wire used to generate heat. The wire resists the flow of electricity, and by doing so converts the electrical energy into heat. Heating elements, Electric heaters, Electric ovens, Electric Toasters, Electric shower, Electric Iron are the applications are commonly used for  resistance wire.

Rishab Overseas Wire stocks and supplies various resistance wires including the following alloys as given below:
Alloy (875,815,90,60,30), Advance (Alloy 294), Balco (Alloy 120), Evanohm (Alloy 800), Manganin (Alloy 290),  Midohm (Alloy 180), Manganin (Alloy 290),  Nichrome 60 (Alloy 675) & Nichrome 80 (Alloy 650), 304 Stainless Steel (Alloy 438), Nickel 200 & more.
We can also supply other products by processing on your order.

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